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Our projects

International Activities

Concrete work at construction of the Lundabron bridge between Lundåkern and Bölesholmarna (Sweden)

Installation of drywalls in 57 apartments in Kungsbacka, Gnejsvägen-Lavavägen (Sweden)

Bricklayers and plaster work in Norrköping, Kvarngatan 1 (Sweden)

Reinforcement and concrete work in Göteborg, Alvsborgsborn (Sweden)

Erection of a multi-family house with roofing in Murnau, Dorfstr. (Germany)

Installation of drywalls in multi-family house in Hovås, Hovås Allè 24 (Sweden)

Installation of drywall in multi-family building in Täby, Maskinvägen (Sweden)

Installation of drywalls, finalizing of exterior walls and inner sides of exterior walls in a new six storey office building for Länsforakringar in Umeå, Västra Norrlandsgatan 18 (Sweden)

Formwork and laying foundations for the electric traction in Stor-Finnforsen near Ramsele (Sweden)

Erection of a multi-family house with an underground garage in Munich, Linprunstr. (Germany)

Reinforcement and concrete work of flooring under hydraulic machines at the LKAB mine in Kiruna, Kiirunavaaravägen 1 (Sweden)

Assembly of roof insulation and membranes in Reykiavik (Iceland)

Performance of concrete footing at the LKAB mine in Kiruna, Kiirunavaaravägen 1 (Sweden)

Formwork, reinforcement and concrete work on the Stora Helvetet project in Storlien (Sweden)

Erection of residential building as the extension to the existing one in Munich, Mauthäuslstr. (Germany)

Installation of drywalls in two multi-family houses in Uppsala, Gimogatan 10 (Sweden)

Extension to the existing psychiatric hospital in Mannheim, J5 (Germany)

Erection of multi-family house with an underground garage in Munich, Fraunbergstr. 12-22 (Germany)

Five residential units erected from prefabricated elements in Solna, Huvudstagatan 4 (Sweden)

Concreting work for project Kransmossens Förskola in Borås, Kransvagen 212 (Sweden)

Execution of foundations under holiday cottages and a wood structure of a garage in Täfteå (Sweden)

Erection of a dwelling house with underground garages in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Jungfernweg (Germany)

Formwork, reinforced concrete works of two ore crushing and grinding facilities at Boliden Aitik copper mine (Sweden)

Reinforcement, bricklaying, stone, carpentry work at luxury housing estate in Fiskebäckskil, Utmarksvägen (Sweden)

Execution of strip foundations and spot footings under a steel structure of the Coop supermarket building in Simrishamn, Gamla Järrestadsvägen 3a (Sweden)

Execution of a clinker facade in Göteborg (Sweden)

Reconstruction of the HDI insurance company building in Hannover, Georgstrasse (Germany)

Build-up of Engel Deutschland GmbH office premises in Isernhagen-Kirchhorst, Imkerstrasse (Germany)

Repair work of a bridge - reinforcement, concreting in Göteborg (Sweden)

Montage and demontage of formwork, reinforcement fixing and concreting at a pulp mill - project: SCA Helios Östrand in Timrå (Sweden)

Facade work in Borås (Sweden)

Adaptation of a public utility building in Hannover, Georgplatz 11 (Germany)

Erection of a retaining wall at Gasverket - new town commercial and culture centre in Stockholm, Bobergsgatan (Sweden)

Erection of reinforced concrete bridge in Mertainen (Sweden)

Renovation work in Hannover, Hildesheimerstr. (Germany)

Renovation of the Volkswagens hall in Hannover, Mecklenheidestr. (Germany)

Bricklayers work at sports centre in Gävle, Brunnsgatan (Sweden)

Erection of foundations under social containers in Hannover, Waterlooplatz (Germany)

Reinforced concrete work of foundations, walls and floorings of grinding facilities in Leveäniemi, Svappavara (Sweden)

Construction work at Orion multi-family building in Täby (Sweden)

Erection of residential and commercial facilities in Munich, Kaulbachstr. (Germany)

Renovation of an old hospital building in Hannover, Ricklingerstr. (Germany)

Assembly of scaffolding for LKAB mine in Malmberget (Sweden)

Erection of a multi-family house with an underground garage in Munich, Nymphenburgerstr. (Germany)

Erection of a multifamily house with an underground garage in Oberpframmen (Germany)

General construction work and plasterboards, reinforced concrete, carpentry and finishing work in Luleå (Sweden)

General construction work in terraced houses, erection of carports and utility buildings and timber terraces in Umeå, Tjärhovsgatan 1 (Sweden)

General construction work, execution of insulation and timber roof structure in Partille, the corner of Gamla Kronvägen 58 and Yllegatan 5 (Sweden)

Insulation, formwork, reinforcement and concrete work of residential dwellings, carports and utility buildings on the BoKlok Raketen project in Kiruna, Trafalvägen 1 (Sweden)

Bro Galopp project - formwork, reinforcement and concrete work of entertainment arena next to riding tracks in Bro (Sweden)

Erection of two multi-family houses in Hannover - Ahlem - An der Laubhütte 127-128 (Germany)

Execution of complete wet concrete structure in Vännäs, Fritidsvägen (Sweden)

Construction of a day nursery and school building with living area as well as an underground garage and connecting it to the existing building - Casa don Bosco - in Munich, Auerfeldstr. (Germany)

Construction of viaduct using traditional technology in Göteborg (Sweden)

Masonry work in Luleå (Sweden)

Construction of a multi family-house and a semi-detached house with an underground garage in Munich, Angerlohstr. (Germany)

Construction work in Gällivare (Sweden)

Preparation of a foundation under high-voltage transmission lines in Kalix (Sweden)

Reinforcement concrete work - erection of an ethane tank in Stenungsund, Stenung Alle 3 (Sweden)

Execution of an iron ore crushing plant and a tunnel as well as reinforced concrete foundations under an overhead crane (Sweden)

Reinforced concrete work of foundations under grinding facilities in Leveäniemi - Svappavara (Sweden)

Construction of office premises with a garage in Umeå (Sweden)

Carpentry and concrete work in Varberg (Sweden)

Construction of a trade office in Hannover, Karmarschstr. (Germany)

Erection of a hospital multimedia purchasing department in Darmstadt, Grafenstrasse 9 (Germany)

General construction work in terraced houses in Umeå (Sweden)

Construction work at a hydro - electric power station in Messaure (Sweden)

Reinforcement work at a power station in Dals Långed (Sweden)

Demolition and concrete work, execution of internal drywalls and cavity walls in Lund, Rabyvägen 31 (Sweden)

Building shell of apartment house with commercial area in Garbsen, Berenbostel district (Germany)

The bottom plate of pumping station at Boliden Aitik copper mine in Gällivare (Sweden)

Multi-family house in Hannover - Ahlem - An der Laubhütte 20 (Germany)

Masonry work in Luleå (Sweden)

Erection of a trans-shipment iron ore warehouse in Luleå (Sweden)

Erection of the pumping station in Svappavaara (Sweden)

Construction work of Studiomuc apartment building, the corner of Ackermann- and Schwere-Reiter-Strasse (Germany)

Build-up of Schloss Elmau Hotel near Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)

Multi-family house in Hannover - Ahlem - 24-25 An der Laubhütte (Germany)

Erection of multi-family houses with commercial premises in Munich, 95 - 97 Schwanthalerstr. (Germany)

Build-up of office premises in Garbsen (Germany)

Tenement house in Hannover, Henriette-Gottschalk-Anger Str. (Germany)

Erection of two multi-family houses with underground garages in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)

Hall of residence in Planegg (Germany)

Clinker facade of residential buildings in Gent (Belgium)

Execution of foundation plates under dwellings in Tyresö – Stockholm, Strand Allen 57 (Sweden)

Silos in Aalter (Belgium)

Accomplishment of foundation under construction of an exhaust fumes filter for a mining combine in Svapppavaara (Sweden)

Residential and commercial building in Speyer (Germany)

Build-up of office premises in Hannover, Königstrasse (Germany)

Accomplishment of a viaduct in Malmberget (Sweden)

Building shell of an outpatient clinic in Mittenwald (Germany)

Accomplishment of first lagging of a concrete basin under a future extension to the museum in Hannover, Rudolf-Von-Bennigsen-Ufer Str. (Germany)

Accomplishment of residential complex with an underground garage in Munich, Caubstrasse (Germany)

Accomplishment of two semi-detached houses in Munich, Zuccalistrasse (Germany)

IBM Analytics Center in Nürnberg (Germany)

Future viaduct for Hälsobrunnsgatan in Stockholm (Sweden)

Construction of an exhaust fumes filter, assembly, reinforced concrete and finishing work, for a mining combine in Svapppavaara (Sweden)

Erection of industrial premises - building shell and finishing state in Svappavaara (Sweden)

Building shell of the hospital psychiatric ward in Antwerp (Belgium)

Reinforcement and concrete work of external networks and foundation work under future land development in Stockholm (Sweden)

Building shell of a biogas plant in Gräfelfing near Munich (Germany)

Building shell of Wittmann Tower office building in Gräfelfing near Munich (Germany)

Accomplishment of a community centre in Umeå (Sweden)

Accomplishment of an office building for Mittelbayerischer Verlag in Regensburg, Ecke Fritz-Fend-Kumpfmühler Str. (Germany)

Foundation plates under residential buildings in Stockholm (Sweden)

Erection of the vicarage of Apostelkirche (church) in Hannover, Cellerstrasse (Germany)

Bricklayers work - nursing home project in Zoersel (Belgium)

Clinker facade of the Auxilia office building in Antwerp (Belgium)

Three production halls with reinforced concrete structure in Kiruna (Sweden)

Bricklayers and clinker work in Westerlo, Verlorenkost 22 (Belgium)

Renovation of dams reinforced concrete structure at hydro-electric power station in Järpen (Sweden)

Three apartment houses in Munich, Leopoldstrasse 250 (Germany)

Clinker facade of an office building in Hannover (Germany)

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